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Olive and Rosie - About Us

Hello and welcome to Olive and Rosie.

Situated in the Bybrook Valley within the Cotswolds ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’, Olive and Rosie was born from my love of artisan soap making coupled with growing concern for my grandchildren’s future due to the negative impact plastic pollution is having on our environment.

I adore the outdoor life and have fond childhood memories of camping holidays on farms, clear skies and star gazing, helping Dad on the allotment, sitting on the back door step shelling peas, learning to bake and sew with Mum – many happy memories.  My parents opened my eyes to appreciate the simple things in life which led to my love of nature and wildlife.

Plastic pollution really struck home to me when I holidayed abroad a couple of years ago.  I love to walk, so I started out from the immaculate hotel beach expecting to walk for an hour or so, but was shocked to find the beach so polluted around the headland that I couldn’t walk through it.

Making soap bought home to me how easy it is to cut down on single use plastic packaging and unnecessary chemicals.  Natural cold-process soap doesn’t contain harsh skin drying chemicals that can strip and upset the skin.  My shampoo bars are gentle on your scalp/hair and should last around 2/3 times longer than a 200 ml bottle of liquid shampoo, that’s potentially 3 bottles saved from landfill for every bar sold!  We can save the planet from plastic bottles one bar at a time by making the switch, plus there are huge savings in transportation costs and pollution due to the difference in volume.    If we all make small changes in the way we shop we can make a big difference and help create a better world for future generations to enjoy!

My products are lovingly handmade in small batches using natural ingredients such as facial clays, herbs, spices, botanicals, local honey and beneficial essential oils.  All my recipes are independently assessed and passed by a Cosmetic Safety Assessor in line with EU regulations.  I will continue to add to my product range and I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them!

Rose x